Cómodo (2020), digital collage

Cómodo/Comfortable is made up of twenty-four archive images from different parts of the African Diaspora. The collage dialogues with a patchwork bedspread that is part of the permanent collection of the Afro-Antillean Museum in Panama City, Panama. The way the different and unrelated pieces of patterned fabric making up the bedspread are assembled together, parallel the collage technique.

Considering the tonal variations and textures present in the photographs, I manipulate them digitally, reassemble them in no specific order and in a certain way eliminate their origin to create new ways of "reading" these images as if rewriting the narrative and giving new context. This work seeks to illustrate the way in which the Afro-Antillean Museum has managed to homogenize to a certain extent the West Indian experience; which is the histories and cultures of different islands and peoples though not easily discernible within the space.

Cómodo is part of the Museums through Artists project in which artists were invited to examine their relationship with museums and reflect upon its concept and function. The project is curated by Maylin Pérez Parrado.


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